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The Revels – a midsummer madness

By Editor on June 13, 2015 in Event Reports

Reviving an ancient tradition produces a fun filled day for all as the carved arrow is returned to Upton Pyne


Many years ago there used to be an annual Archery Contest held between Brampford Speke and Upton Pyne, the winner of the competition was awarded a Silver Arrow as a trophy to hold for the year. The Silver Arrow was lost sometime during WW1.

As part of the millennium celebrations James Bond was commissioned to create a large wooden arrow. The wood came from an area of Woodland at Eggesford last worked commercially in 1914. The shaft of the arrow was as long as the two youngest village boys Sam Ayers and Richard Gregory laid end to end. The arrow was worked on and carved by James with help from the children of the two villages.

The new wooden arrow was a poignant reminder of our ancestors and in particular the loss of the 21 young men from the two villages who were killed in the 1914 – 1918 War.

The Revels saw the Arrow being carried in procession from Upton Pyne to Brampford Speke Church , there followed a picnic , games and a Barn Dance.

This year THE REVELS ARE BACK. The Arrow will return to Upton Pyne Church on Saturday 27th June, games and a Barbeque are planned which will roll into an evening of music. Please come and bring your friends to support this village event were fun will be the order of the day.

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3pm The carved arrow is walked across the field from Bramford Speke Church back to Upton Pyne. Please join the procession, bring the children, the guests and the dogs – the more the merrier. Everyone welcome

4pm The arrow arrives at Upton Pyne Village Hall where it will be displayed for the day

Tea and Cakes served in the Village Hall

4.15 – 6pm Games and Great Mystery Raffle: to include


Splat The Rat !


4.30 Best Dressed Dog Competition (polish those collars)best dressed dog

5pm Wellie Throwingwellie

5.30 Tug of War Upton Pyne vs Bramford Speketug-of-war-cartoon

6pm Egg Throwing Championship


4.30 – 6.30 Barbeque £1.50

5 – 10pm ‘Sounds Easy’ with COLIN YEO playing in the Hall

7pm Prize Giving

7.30 – 8pm Entertainment ‘Brimful of Nonsense’

8pm Supper of Cheese and Nibbles £1

9pm Whisky Slide

Bar open 5pm – 10pm

Dress code: Ascot inspired, feather or flower and Children’s Fancy Dress. Ladies please wear a hat to equal those of the famous Gertrude Shilling, Gentlemen your dress code requires you wear a flower or a feather

After the Revels the carved arrow will be moved to its permanent home in the Church of Our Lady. Permanent that is until those vagabonds in Bramford Speke have the audacity to try to reclaim it.

Mark the date in you diary Saturday 27th June.

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