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Upton Pyne Church is a building of exceptional architectural interest, a grade 1 Listed Building; so we are indeed blessed with a gem of a building that dates back to the 13th century.

One of the most beautiful parts of the church is its stained glass windows, there has been a growing interest in restoring all ten of these to their former glory. The majority of the repairs are quite small but necessary to ensure the windows do not deteriorate further to a point where the original craft work is lost forever.

The west facing window in the tower was restored when the tower was repaired in 2003 and recently two more have been adopted by generous donors who will pay for the vital repair work. We are hoping that more sponsors will come forward to adopt the remaining windows. At present we are concentrating on the repair of external masonry and stained glass.

Countless generations of Upton Pyne families have supported and cared for the church ensuring its safe passage for today’s generation. Now Friends of Upton Pyne are continuing this tradition of care by raising money through various events to help maintain the church and its grounds. It is hoped that the costs of repairing these windows will be supported by pledges from individuals and groups who may wish to see their support targeted to a specific project. Through this new sponsorship initiative targeted pledges can run in tandem with the Friends’ fund which is raising money for more general maintenance.

If you are interested in making a pledge or need more information please contact David Marshall, Church Warden 01392 851751 or Geoff Saltmarsh, Treasurer 01392 851202.