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Hot Supper Night May 29th

By Editor on June 24, 2013 in Event Reports

The cooks’ perspective…

 For Stu and me, Hot Supper Night started two days beforehand with an evening preparation of the lentil dahl to accompany the main course.  Thankfully, I checked the amounts with Stu before we started as 1.6kg of lentils and 32 cups of water sounded like an awful lot to me… We settled on half measures!

Tuesday night saw the preparation of the 20 portions of vegetable curry (see picture) with the 50 portions of the chicken curry being made on the day.  I have to say I have never cut up so many vegetables in one go and thank goodness for our food processor which made short work of all the onions!  Stu, as usual, was head chef in charge of the actual cooking with me relegated to sous chef.  I have to say he did a sterling job as well as calculating how much of each ingredient we needed to allocate across pans of varying sizes. 

To make our life easier, we used ready prepared spice mixes from Rafi’s Spice Box.  We were introduced to their curries and these mixes some time ago through members of Stu’s family who live in York where Rafi’s are based.  They produce a wide variety and you can specify the heat scale to your taste.  As was commented on the night, they certainly taste both delicious and authentic.  As promised, here’s their web address if you want to take a look at what they do.  You can order mixes online.

We couldn’t have done all the cooking without Fabian King and Linda Findlay’s help with ingredient shopping and Bob and Izzie Short who cooked the rice on the night so our grateful thanks to them.  And thanks to everyone else who helped on the night.   A special thank you also goes out to Obi, our cat, who never waivered in his duties of keeping an eye on the shopping which, not surprisingly, included the chicken…

Lastly, thanks to all of you for coming along to support the Friends of Upton Pyne, for listening to the fabulous talk given by Richard Whiteside on the birds of paradise of Papua New Guinea and for helping to raise the grand sum of £405 for this good cause.

The next Supper Club event is scheduled for 20 September with a Chinese theme.  Mine’s a number 3, 22 and 41.  See you there!

Debbie Pearce

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