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Hot Supper Club : Whiteside in Paradise

By Editor on June 24, 2013 in Event Reports

A visitor’s perspective:

What to do on a summer’s evening? Well there’s nothing on the telly and frankly ‘summer’ is rather a generous term so I chose a talk and a curry in the Village Hall.

The birds of paradise have an odd habit, they hang upside down to make their mating displays and we learned that they are none too fussy and they perform their striking display whether of not there is a likely mate in the area. The subplot to Richard Whiteside’s presentation told tales of his life working in war torn Papua New Guinea; friends made and friends lost and seemingly too often lost in the brutal circumstances that come with civil war. On many levels this was a fascinating talk.

And so to supper, the curries were great, flavoursome and not too hot and the company just made the evening. It is so good to have the chance to have a good chat with the faces that you sort of recognise, the people you pass walking the dog, the names you acknowledge but don’t really know.

Thank you all, I enjoyed a good night out.

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